Friday, 28 November 2008

Previous journey - hardcore style

What a view...
Another view to die for..
Instead of cycling up hill, they decided to hitch hike and climb the hill in better option. By the way, it was cold there, foggy all day long.
A house
A village
Their 'office'
A main road and the guy is my love...
Another main road
The bridge..


Odie said...

Eh dulu Zhou ada buat blog on his cycling journey.. apa ek url dia?

Honeysuckle said...

ada, tp dh xleh buka sama ada untuk di baca mahupun di idupkan semula.. Tu yg ada permintaan untuk upload gambo2 tu kembali...So, sebagai mencari alasan untuk duduk di depan laptop (dan elak basuh b***k anak,) Merl pun upload..