Sunday, 2 August 2009

Bratislava? Ahoj!

There is nothing much that I know about Slovakia. By fact, Bratislava and Vienna are the nearest capital cities in Europe, about 57km. When we were planning our trip there, I told my husband that there are only two places that I wanted to go, first `the head' and Hrad Castle.

Once we arrived there, we were set back. The train station, for me, is more or less like Stesen Keretapi Kluang plus an electronic timetable to display arrival and departure of trains. What a disappointment, but still I haven´t do some homework regarding Bratislava, so serve me right! But when we entered the city, OMG! It is totally different world.

When we were there, we did visit 'the head´, and whose able to touch it will have a good luck charm. So we did touch it.

And for Hard Castle, we were unlucky, as the huge castle is still in renovation to better house National Museum of Slovaks. So, we had to satisfy ourselves by enjoying the view. This was the only thing that we can do after a difficult climbing to the top of the hill just to see the castle. Pff! Yet, the view was remarkable!

And the tram system, WOW!

A sculpture

One of the residency

Bratislava is stylish, little Vienna I would say. I was so undertaken by the style people wear, soo elegance, even when they just wanted to had coffee at the sidewalk cafe down the building. I felt so nobody, nothing. Pity me.

A church

One of balcony cafes

National Opera Theatre

A statue towards freedom against communism

Another opera theatre

We could not watch the ballet but we did pose along with the banner

One of the street, with a lot of cafes, not just cafe but stylish cafe

Michael´s Gate

Pharmaceutical museum

Bratislava is one of 3 cities situated at the Danube riverside besides Budapest and Vienna. At first we plan to travel to Vienna by boat. But as the boat either leaves too early or too late, train is the only option that we had. So, at 10:52, we departed to Wesbanhof, Vienna, for €11 per person for return ticket. (If you buy single ticket it cost you €15). So Vienna, here we come!

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