Sunday, 2 August 2009

Wien or Vienna?


¨My mommy always worried, when I am going to walk. But the fact is I am taking my own sweet time so that I can walk perfectly. She´s worried too much¨.
Zara Humaira´

Maira is walking!! Daddy, look!! Come on baby, come here, 1...2....3....4....5....6....7.....8.....9....10...11! Yeah 11 steps!


Once upon a time, I was confused. My sister just came back from Austria and she told me that the capital of Austria is Wien. Not Vienna? Now I know, Vienna is in English but in German it is Wien. (Is it German?, not sure either). Like Slovakia, there is nothing much I know about Austria. But I do know Sound of Music was filmed in Salzburg, Austria. In 2008 Austria ,co hosted Euro Cup with Switzerland. There is a town called Innsbruck and the latest is about the monster of Amstetten.

Vienna is beyond my expectation. Beside being a beautiful city by the Danube river, it is a city of style, grace, luxury and elegance. It is the place of Strauss and Mozart. The home of waltz. I love the architecture even tough I have no idea. The only word that register in my mind is gothic style. The truth? No idea. With so many buildings, I try to remember every single one, but my mind was bewitched by the view. What I can recall are a few such as Sisi Museum, St Michael´s church, Stephenplaz and many other platz (err platz is plaza), Volks Theatre, Museum Quartier, House of Mozart, that cathedral, this cathedral...I lost count.

I do remember that this is the entrance of University of Vienna.

And this is the Parliament building where my hubby was pretending to make a jump with(out) a skateboard..but the photographer failed to capture the moment (hehehe that is me, so beginner)

Lovey lovey time..

¨Comot¨ time

¨Konon ayu¨time

I think this is Volks Theatre

In front of St Michael


Regardless how excited we were in exploring the city, we still put aside time for Zara Humaira´to have her park time. We do not want to be the so called selfish parents. At least looking at the bright side, we also need time to strech our legs after the long walk and heavy lifting. Yeah, sometimes she wanted to be carried in her hiking bag instead of seating in her stroller.

So called retired fireman felt like to be in action again, but there is no fire engine, no real fire, so pumping water at children´s park will do at the moment...

And Zara said, ¨How come they can play at the water pump with daddy? He is my daddy!¨

We also spent some time at the theme park..It is big park but we could not explore everything as the cloud started to darken...or else we were risking ourselves to be caught up in rain (yes it is true, just as we arrrived at the hotel, heavy rain poured down)

I love his smile...

There are so much that I have seen in Wien but still I want to come back. I want to watch Strauss and Mozart concert which held every year between July and September, composing not only live orchestra music but also ballet and opera, just like what these girls promised me.

For time being, I need to move. So get ready baby, lets go!


BabYpose said...

Hi there, you made the right choice living in Barcelona :) Thanks for sharing it here. Did you go to Marihahilferstrasse? Danke..

Honeysuckle said...

Marihahilferstrasse? Entah, the words are difficult to pronoun, so we decided just used the attraction. Still lost count.

Nice knowing you..