Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Story from the past

I never imagine that war can be so harsh, beyond what I figured out from the stories from my grandparents during the Japs time. For me what have been shown in television is exaggerating, how come these (films) people know when they never been involved in wars (especially the Americans when they filmed WWII).

After visited Auschwitz, I realized that wars is worst than the films. The films only show minute part of the reality of wars. I am more than heartbroken.

A map showing the area from where the people´s origin in Auschwitz concentration camp

Fighting for territories is nothing compared to elimination of human race, regardless who are they. At this point, I cry inside for what happened in Bosnia and Palestine. The cruelness never identify sex or age. Everybody is a victim even a newborn.

There, I read about a real experience of a Gypsy girl, they named her Sinti. On the day the Nazi took her family, her father was already been taken about a year ago. They never heard of him since. On that day, when the soldiers knocked the door, her mother was just about to breastfeed her little sister. Her mother never did, and her sister was snatched away, thrown to the corner of the caravan. Her other two brothers tried to fight, but who were they. Being kid, they invited more pain to themselves.

The whole family was taken out and lead to the nearest camp, leaving her little sister crying helplessly.

At the camp, they were told that they were going to be transported to another camp early next morning. Worried about the left behind girl, her mother bribed the officer to fetch her. Her request was only granted with condition - her brother had to do the job. So that night her brother sneaked home.

In the morning, Sinti, her mother and her other brother (younger) waited impatiently. At last they saw him - alone. No baby. Her brother said, he found nothing except showing a note. The note said the baby was taken away by an auntie and given to a Dutch family for a safe care. At least, a relief.

Later, they were taken to an area, where the soldiers were supposed to shave her mom´s hair. Her mom was crying. (Hair was shaved and sold to German factory to produce cloth)

Sinti, got angry attacked the soldiers, kicking, grunting with all her might. But what the little girl done lead to nothing. Instead she was punched and everything went black.

When she woke up, they were already in a train, crammed among many other. It was hot and stuffy. They had a journey of a day long, with no food, no water and far from what people say as comfort. They arrived at Auschwitz.

At the camp, they were segregate, man, women and children. Her older brother was taken away to be with men. Later her mother. Before they were separated, her mother took off her socks and gave each to her and her brother. The last thing that she remembered was her mother´s words to be brave.

The news later she heard was her brother was shot dead at this wall. Her mom was dead at the electric fence when she tried to run away.

Sinti and her brother were sent to a furniture factory. They were force to work without pay. Food? It was amazing when they can eat.

No later after the Germans surrendered, her little brother died due to perish. There was no news about her litlle sister who was before taken by the Dutch family. Sinti was the only surviving person of her family.

This is only a little particle of cruelness done by the Nazis. I could not imagine how if such thing happen again, medical experiment, torture, death, horror. A true horror! God forbid, please do not let this happen again.

Cyclone - used to gas death

On the day, it was raining just like my other visit to Burmese POW´s museum. I may not be crying there, but I feel that the weather knows what is inside.

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