Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Krakow is the least part of Poland that I wanted to visit before. I have many friends from Poland, and Marcellina is keeping inviting me to her place, Little Sweden in Poland and to visit Torun. These are my first intentional destination.

However, during planning our Eastern Europe tour, my husband insisting to go to Krakow as according to the map, it is reachable from Budapest. As for me, I wanted to have Budapest-Bratislava-Vienna-Prague. He insisted on adding one destination, Krakow. And I said, no it is either Budapest-Bratislava-Vienna-Prague or Budapest-Krakow-Prague. Finally we agreed on Budapest-Bratislava-Vienna-Krakow-Prague. (And he kept asking how about Geneva? Duh..)

I don´t know what to expect about Krakow the town itself. What I know was, if visiting Krakow do not forget Auschwitz. Luckily we have Polish friends whom visiting Krakow at the same time. And our dearest friends, thank you for assisting us and being a great host. (Sorry, we could not keep up with you guys as travelling with baby really slow us down.)

From left to right: Laura, Ivo, Bartek, Paulina, me, little princess, my hubby Zul and sitting Marcin.

Krakow is full of beautiful building, different from what I have seen in the previous 3 cities I have been. Recognize as the oldest city in Europe, no wonder it was once the capital city of Poland before they moved it to Warsaw.

We had to stop as Maira was crying. She really enjoying this street musician

I am also glad that we made this visit before they changed their currency to Euro. (The expected year is 2012, when they will host Euro Cup, but my friends told me the possibility is reducing now as their are also in crisis).

If you asked me about the expenses in Krakow, my answer is simple - damn cheap! But I know Bartek will totally oppose this. He told us Krakow is expensive, wait till we set our foot in Torun, it is even better. Furthermore, the currency Zloty is more or less like RM. We never convert any amount in Euro to RM before, but in Krakow we feel like home. Instead of Zloty, we change it to RM. (Hahaha- so called missing home).

So, we took advantage by pampering ourselves, like eating at this stylish sidewalk cafe at the Old Market square, feeling posh. Never did this in Barcelona, for we are afraid to expect what will be printed on the check.

We ordered salmon, trout, chef salad complete with a whole bottle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and croutons, soda, tea and coffee. And the price €17! We were more than delighted!

We really love the environment in Krakow, it is stylish, but not so congest like Barcelona. everything is almost there, really a good place for relaxing and rejuvenating. Some people might say, "hey, Budapest is full of spas for that". Want to listen to my answer? "who cares? This is my way. If I want to be in water, I prefer being naked in my own tub without anybody see me. And I can add anything from flower petals to dead sea salt, just name it, but that is not me, okay". (Sorry for being harsh).

From the cafe we sat, we have a good zoom in view of this clock tower....

the sidewalks that squaring the square....

other stylish cafes....

and the big laying head. My baby loves this head, she kept walking to it, got inside and tried to make friends with other kids. But I guessed her vocab in Polish is still not enough after 6 months living with Marcellina, so she kept coming back to me.

See how happy she was when she took picture with Bartek and Paula.."Daddy, make sure the head is in".

It is summer but when we were at Krakow, the temperature dropped. It was cool and windy. Luckily I had my jumper with me, but we had to buy one for Zara. (Ladies, what do you expect? Shopping is the best activity ever!) As for my significant half, he is the one with thick skin and never bother much about the weather unless it is snowing.

I like the transportation system, cheap, reliable. It still astonishing why they build tram line in the middle of the road, and how the traffic lights turn red so that nobody will be knocked down by cars to get into the tram..

This is the heart of Krakow where the local bus station, train station and intercity bus station meet. My "cameraman" able to get a snap during daylight....

and at night.

And Krakow also rich with theater for opera and ballet...

The signboards for tourists are in Polish and English..Thank God...

An opera house

At one of the streets to Old Market Square

A tower near Barbican

A majestic view, never been tired of looking at this

And this

And this

And this

During this tour, I did not get to Warsaw, but I have picture in front of Warsaw Hotel...

And Poland hotel...hahaha

My love one with his self potrait in front of Krakow Glowny

And just by walking, we had a lot of things to read like this one, telling that the street (if I am not mistaken) as one of the earliest being established in the town.

I have a lot of pictures at the castle, dragon slayer dungeon, beside the river, but at this particular momment I have no energy to upload it. I am still mesmerised by the visit to Krakow - sincerely I had not enough of Krakow. I felt sad leaving the place that night. Don´t know why, fell like home (only the weather distinguish the different - what a lame excuse!). But truly, I want to come again and I will. One day, I will....

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