Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Schilndler´s List

Besides Auschwitz, we went to Schindler´s factory, the same old one during WWII and the movie Schindler´s List. However, during the visit, nothing much can be seen as the factory cum museum was in its refurbishment and renovation.

In front of the factory entrance, at our back there is a gate with a huge iron casted wording, Schindler´s Factory. However, it had been taken down, waiting for the grand opening perhaps. The expected grand opening will be in this coming fall. (So Zarina, you have to come and look at the famous gate entrance).

The museum tells about the historic contribution of Oscar Schindler during the holocaust, saving Jews and they called themselves, Schindler´s Jews.

These Jews were producing metal products like these. There is also a documentary shown how these people worked and the operation process.

Whatever it was, the thing that really concerned me is "WHOEVER SAVES ONE LIFE, SAVES THE WORLD ENTIRE".

It was a quick visit to this museum, less than an hour for a museum lover like me. But I learnt a lot about humanity. Still at the end, we were like young mischievous kids. Now, it even make me sadder when I watch Schindler´s list. (Yes, it is true that Spielberg did exaggerate in the movie, the original Schindler´s list was only 800++ but Spielberg made it 1000++. This is not my word, but there at the museum.)

And I just realize, I love learning about WWII. No wonder my significant half keeps his reruns of Band of Brothers, Schindler´s list, Saving Private Ryan and I don´t know what else. He is this type of movie man....

" Yes dear? Movie time? Wait for me!"

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